PAPER PATTERNED PIGGY by Anna Doran – ref no: 002

PAPER PATTERNED PIGGY by Anna Doran - Ref No: 002

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03/26/2015 4:10 PM

    Highlights: Bringing love and colour to the streets of Dublin.

    Inspiration: People, colour, texture, ideas, aspirations and putting the personal into the public space.

    Thumbnail: Where does my love of all things colourful, patterned, shiny and perhaps a bit blingy come from? I’m not quite sure, but you can see the results in Camden Street, Thomas Street and one of my favourites, in Lover’s Lane, Temple Bar, which incorporates quotes about love by Dubliners.

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    Auction Information
    • laurak bid €680.0003/26/2015 4:01 PM

    • scott bid €620.0003/26/2015 3:59 PM

    • cmacnamara bid €570.0003/26/2015 3:13 PM

    • scott bid €520.0003/26/2015 2:46 PM

    • cmacnamara bid €470.0003/26/2015 1:56 PM

    • scott bid €420.0003/26/2015 1:54 PM

    • maudgie bid €352.0003/26/2015 1:44 PM

    • scott bid €302.0003/03/2015 11:26 AM

    • Erin bid €251.0003/03/2015 11:07 AM

    • scott bid €201.0002/19/2015 4:15 PM

    • catsxone bid €151.0002/19/2015 2:34 PM

    • scott bid €101.0002/16/2015 4:21 PM