THE INNER WORKING OF SWINE by Dáire Lynch – ref no: 015

THE INNER WORKING OF SWINE by Dáire Lynch - Ref No: 015

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03/26/2015 4:00 PM

    Highlights: Showing in London, Scotland, New York and Ohio.

    Inspiration: I love cats. And I love the absurd. My cat, Sean Connery, and Elsa, my niece’s, at the rear, volunteered themselves for the gig. Eh, the pig.

    Thumbnail: Born in Dublin, mostly to be found drifting around Lough Corrib on his kayak, contemplating what to paint next, he is a self taught painter who also happens to be a sound engineer and multi instrumentalist. Oils for the figurative, watercolour for the portraiture, keep working.

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